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Who were Milburn?


Milburn were a four-piece outfit from the city of Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. The band consisted of Joe Carnall (lead vocals/bass), Louis Carnall (vocals/rhythm guitar), Tom Rowley (lead guitar) and Joe Green (drummer).

They produced ear-grabbing riffs and essential Melodies, underpinned by the raw tones of the mod-punk era, which epitomises the youthfulness and abundant potential of the band. Milburn's sound has most recently been described as the aggressive riffs of the Jam, with a touch of ska mixed with the hooks and sound of modern contemporaries such as the Libertines and Razorlight.

Milburn eventually announced they would split on March 28, 2008, with the band playing their final gig at Sheffield's Carling Academy on May 24, 2008.

3 of the 4 members who were part of Milburn went on to try new things in music and created their own bands. Joe Green and Tom Rowley created The Backhanded Compliments while Joe Carnall created The Book Club. You can see videos below.

Milburn MP3 Downloads

Here are the old Milburn demo downloads we've had on the site for all those years, completely unorganised.

If any of these don't work, tough, because I won't be maintaining these any time soon. Shouts

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In their short but sweet 7 year history the band released two mind numbingly good albums. Although they didn't receive critical acclaim the band had a strong following of fans, and still do!

Well Well Well

Well Well Well (2006)

The album was released on 9 October 2006 in the UK on Mercury Records. A limited edition first pressing includes numbered slipcase and four extra tracks.

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These Are The Facts

These Are The Facts (2007)

These Are the Facts is the second and final album by the Sheffield band Milburn. The album was released on 24 September 2007 in the UK on Mercury Records.

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Milburn Video Downloads

There are also some old school videos here too. We're not sure what there is in this list, if theres anything unsuspect please let me know through my portfolio site.

After Milburn...the story continues

Joe Carnall

Joe Carnall created a new brilliant band "Joe Carnall and the Book Club".

What Was Said On The Landing

Tom Rowley & Joe Green

Tom Rowley and Joe Green made The Backhanded Compliments, now known as Dead Sons (next video)

Dead Sons

Louis Carnall seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet, but it's most likely he got a job outside music.